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Messages from CiX

From: Mahesh Shantaram
To: Mohammed Amjad
Subject: Candid Intro
Forum: (103) User Intros
Date: 08-07-98 (01:21)

MA>MS> I'm a NEW USER in CiX (once again!)
MA>  > My name is ((( Drum Roll ))) Mahesh Shantaram. I'm almost 21. Almost.

MA>        Hiya Drum Roll Mahesh Shantaram!! heheheh :-)

So, is it Here-We-Go-Again-For-The-Good-Ol-Days-Sake time?
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From: Mahesh Shantaram
To: Cix Sysop
Subject: Stop this PCQ Bashing!
Forum: (601) PC Quest
Date: 08-07-98 (01:21)

CS>It is no secret that I care for PC Quest, having been part of it for
CS>half a decade now. The hard-working people at PCQ deserve better than
CS>being written off in public. Most of the PCQ-baiters here wouldn't exist
CS>online without the magazine, and none of them deny still buying the mag.

I was not here for the better part of the discussion on this issue.
Anyway, it seems like a delicious debate!

CS>Fickle minded people, easily deceived by flashy appearance, choose to
CS>write off my "home" magazine because of competition. But put a copy of
CS>PCQ and a copy of CHIP in the hands of someone who actually READS the
CS>mags (instead of simply going for the CDs), and you will see the

From this paragraph, I can conclude that you think:
1. Chip surpasses PCQ in the quality of presentation [You're right.]
2. The Chip CDs are better than PCQ's CDs [You may be right again! I
haven't read PCQ in months so I wouldn't know.]

CS>PCQ does not copy articles from a German edition and translate them into
CS>bad, grammatically flawed English.

Any international magazine (take Elle for example) will essentially have
two components to it. One part of the magazine will comprise of articles
common to all it's editions. The other part is the local flavour. Take
the Times of India as another example. The front page and editorial have
a national character while the rest of the pages are city-specific. Chip
is doing much the same. Perhaps you didn't notice the desi face of Chip.

About the bad grammar, I think you are referring to the 'cool American
lingo'. It irritates me too, but if it helps identify with the masses,
so be it. There's no denying that English-speaking youth of India slant
more towards America than Britain.

CS>                            Nor does it praise a product simply
CS>because it wants that manufacturer to advertise. And unlike its

I *hope* this is not an allusion... because it would be a baseless,
nasty, one.

CS>competition, the people who write for PCQ actually have experience in
CS>the fields the write about.

Being a 'fresher' to technical writing myself, I know the importance of
giving some recognition to the community of students and amateurs. In my
opinion, CyberMedia has always ignored students. PCQ, (my personal
favourite) V&D, their series of seminars...everything had the corporates
-only flavour. This was one of the reasons why I stopped subscribing to
PCQ... and have decided to buy Chip off the stands. Chip addresses my
age and mood.

CS>Nor does it state inanities like "retraining
CS>is the sound that a 33.6K modem produces when it connects to a 28.8K

Yes, it does sound very silly. It must have some odd error. On the
whole, the magazine is well crafted. It's a pity you didn't READ it.

CS>PCQ is a bunch of hardworking and loyal people who slave throughout the
CS>month to give their 180,000 readers (at an average 3:1 readership)
CS>useful and well researched articles.

If you want to compare readership, do it fairly. Chip has been around
for less than half-a-year and has already began to give PCQ a run for
it's money. PCQ has been around for... a decade or so? Now, that's what
I call competition. Figures will change soon.

CS>Despite the so-called competition, every one of the leading market
CS>surveys (including IMRB) show that PCQ is a magazine that influences
CS>decisions throughout the country.

Nobody on this BBS doubted that, I'm sure. I think the discussion was
about the turning of tables.

CS>I have heard all these PCQ-baiters before, but last time the "reference
CS>point" was PC Magazine India, PC World, Computers Today and what not.
CS>Where are these magazines today? Either dead, or dying. PCQ is still

PC Magazine India had no chance of surviving. It was nothing but the
phoren edition printed on poor quality paper. Computers Today was the
black sheep of India Today group... and so on. PCQ was indeed a monopoly
in the classic user-friendly mag market. But now, all I can say is
"Thank goodness there's Chip". I believe my fundamental rights allow me
to say it, with proper justification, sans malicious intentions, on any
medium I want to, irrespective of who owns the medium.

CS>going strong, and has, in fact, now started gaining international

You mean in Nepal?

CS>We are proud of what we do. Please don't belittle us with thoughtless

I hope you find me more reasonable.

CS>And for God's sake, go out and buy a copy of PCQ August 98, and come
CS>back and tell us what you found after *reading* the magazine.

Because you're saying this so strongly, I will buy both magazines this
month, read them (don't we all do that, anyway?) and will criticize.

CS>Please restrain yourselves from this populist sport of "topdog-bashing",
CS>if for no other reason that this BBS is being run by a PCQer who cares
CS>about his magazine, and is hurt by the spiteful remarks he has to read
CS>on his own home BBS.

I switched over to Chip because *I* thought Chip was all that PCQ
wasn't. So, if you find that offensive, you can sack me while I'm still
at Level 5 :) [please note the smiley]
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Just you wait Mahesh, there's more excavation to be done.
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