Kiran Jonnalagadda (jace) wrote,
Kiran Jonnalagadda

Choosing an ultraportable

I’m trying to choose between the ASUS Eee PC and HCL MiLeap Y. Both are compelling choices even if not exactly in the same category. Here is my comparison chart.

What would you recommend and why?

Update: I got an Eee PC.
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Have you considered the cheaper HCL MiLeap X? (Or is it MiLeap S?) It is heavier and display is 800x480. A salesman told me that they have an even cheaper Ubuntu pre-loaded version.

But I seriously admire your comparison chart.
The MiLeap X is 1.44 kilos and has no VGA out, besides being... umm... ugly. The Eee PC is very well worth the extra four thousand.
Unless Intel / HCL give you a model gratis to test for possible usage in your Rural project ;) get an Eee PC
HCL did. It's sitting in the office.
I feel the display 800x480 Vs 1024×600 is a major differentiating factor :)
For example, I use the device to log on to another box which runs irssi, mutt and other related things of console based existence which help me to get my tasks done. The solid state disk along with the processor doesn't lend itself well to any sort of compile or stuff. But if you want a somewhat decent keyboard (compared to a smart phone) that allows you to ssh into another box and get your work done, then I guess you would go for the EeePC. Junk the standard issue Xandros with KDE apps in ICEwm theme though - the icon sizes in that resolution is butt ugly to be polite.
Task and idea management, more or less like a bedside notepad + when stuck in waiting rooms for meetings.

I guess my primary apps will be Thunderbird (I will only need the IMAP Inbox -- full scale mail processing will still be on the Mac), OpenOffice, FreeMind and the terminal. Maybe Gaim too, though that is often a distraction.
Thunderbird won't work. You need something lighter if not all together CLI. The Eee PC is not a desktop replacement. It is just a means to connect to the services you consume and preferably if the services run on a separate box. What would work is a suitably light desktop environment coupled with one of the lighter window managers running your applications. Do you have specific applications in mind other than Thunderbird ?
Ahh never saw the list of applications. OO.o seems to work fairly nicely. Try Vym rather than Freemind - the latter I guess requires the Java set to be installed. Pidgin works fairly nicely as well.
How much does the Eee PC cost?
The 4 GB version is Rs 16,990 including taxes; extra at retail centres like Croma.
The 8GB one is supposed to be with a larger display area though.
No, that's the just announced 9" model.

However, both 7" and 9" models use the same batteries, so in theory if I can get comfortable with the 7"'s screen, I can expect better battery life from it.