Kiran Jonnalagadda (jace) wrote,
Kiran Jonnalagadda

Surrounded by computing devices

My MacBook Pro cost me close to a lakh of rupees less than a couple of years ago. I use it all the time. I don’t know if I’ll ever spend that much on a single computer again.

My life is increasingly more dominated by some form of computing interface. My work involves a computer, as does my photography, entertainment, and increasingly so, even my reading. Being able to switch contexts while looking at the same screen, however, is not getting any easier. Flitting from one context to another is increasingly effortless, and staying focused with something dreary increasingly harder.

The answer, it seems, is to surround myself with multiple computers, each dedicated to a specific context.
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Perhaps you can try fixing the focus part within you? I know it's not easy, but I've been trying.
That helps, but only to an extent. Working on a single computer is a lot like running a home office out of one's bedroom. Distinguishing between work and relaxation mode is harder, and there's also the desire for an occasional change in scenery that muddles the contexts.

This comment comes via my phone's mobile browser, where I spend much time these days. The restricted interface makes it easy to indulge in certain activities while staying off others.

Deleted comment

Someone stuck a pair of electrodes in me and kept turning up the voltage until I agreed to make a post again.

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And "we'll make intellectual sounding excuses to justify it".
I'm not sure having multiple computers is the answer..

I find FVWM's Desktop/Page system effective in maintaining context/focus. Switching away from my work Desktop requires me to use a particular key combination .. whereas switching between Pages of my work Desktop is much more easily done.

The only pervasive thing is amarok displaying song details on change and new IMs (I tried to keep the IMs locked to a particular desktop.. but it was counter productive.)
My eyes getting strained coz I spend lots of time reading blogs (like jace's and kevin's theory.isthereason), wikipedia etc from my PC, which use to have CRT monitor and from my SEW800i. And all this visible in my userpics...the dark cicles around the eyes!!