Kiran Jonnalagadda (jace) wrote,
Kiran Jonnalagadda

Vladstudio desktop wallpapers

Yesterday at Barcamp Bangalore 5, I noticed a cool wallpaper on someone’s desktop and asked for their collection. They happily obliged; said it was a new Mac and this collection was the result of having gone looking for something suitable.

This morning I followed the name tag on a particularly nice wallpaper and arrived at Vladstudio, home of Russia-based Vlad Gerasimov.

Vlad’s gorgeous collection of wallpapers had me sold. I signed up for a lifetime subscription.

Here’s my current wallpaper and the one I will use next:

Where smiles are born Aquarium
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He semi regularly posts new shots as desktops to his blog:

But these are certainly nice...
These are beautiful indeed..

but my wallpapers are the best_est!

Yes, I love those wallpapers by vladstudio :D
Also check -



December 26 2007, 05:03:15 UTC 11 years ago

That's a very interesting find :)
BTW do you know if trekking's still allowed in Yedakumeri?