Kiran Jonnalagadda (jace) wrote,
Kiran Jonnalagadda


My BSNL broadband connection finally got installed today. For the first time in a year since moving out, I have something better than GPRS with which to get online.

I have Wi-Fi at home again. Yay!

I also have a new phone that does Wi-Fi, from which I download podcasts, do bedside late night e-mail, blogging, feed reading, random browsing, IRC chatting, and Skype and Gizmo calling, without needing to lug around that hunk of a laptop. Life is now good.

Double yay!

Now if only someone would fix the way the phone's WebKit-based browser handled HTML TextAreas so I could edit wiki pages. Just one small wish.
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There's an extension for Firefox. It's called.... "It's all text". You can set it to edit textareas in vi or emacs or editor of your choice.
Which phone is that, I'm in the market for a phone with wi-fi, I'd love some recommendation. I've been looking at the N93 / N80ie - can't decide if the camera is important for me.
Nokia E61i. I figured I needed both QWERTY keypad and camera, everything else being secondary. This was the only such model from Nokia. Everything else was Windows Mobile or PalmOS, which I don't particularly fancy, so the E61i it was. I'm quite pleased with it.


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you are spoilt! :) :P
I have earned the spoils! A year of 3 kB/s bandwidth! You folks in Singapore have it really good by any standard.


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Yeah, which phone?
Nokia E61i.
rub it in why don't you? Do you know I had to be in office till 12:30 last night, making the dratted presentation, 'cuz there's no interwebz at home?
You could have come and hung out here, saar. Nicer settings, etc.

And hey, it was a long wait. I deserve it.


11 years ago

Trying it. Prefer Opera Senior but for the shareware fee.

Besides, Opera Senior on the E61i doesn't support cut and paste (the process is different with qwerty keypads since there is no pencil key), but otherwise does get textareas right. This is a major oversight on their part that I hope will be fixed with Opera 9.

I think I will use Opera Mini for forms with textareas and the WebKit-based browser for the rest.

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1. PDFs with Adobe Reader (as lousy as the desktop reader experience). Xpdf on Linux comes with a useful pdftotext --layout command that does a decent job rescuing these documents.

2. TXTs with QReader (very nice -- the programmers evidently use it to read full books themselves).

3. HTMLs with in-built "Web" browser for desktop-like rendering or Opera for reformatted rendering.

4. DOC/PPT/XLS/ODT with QuickOffice (bundled) and Mobile Office (not free). Tolerable experience.

I'm halfway through my first full book on this phone.

Deleted comment

If the textarea is larger than the screen, the browser doesn't scroll when editing, so I have to type blind. Opera used to have this problem until a year ago.
Are you still in south bangalore?
Langford Town, now.
I brought a E61i yesterday, I have BSNL BB and have enabled security based connection. I am trying to use my phones WLAN wizard, it detects a WEP connection and prompts me to enter the KEY. I enter the correct key (as I am able to use my laptop with the same key), it establishes a connection but fails saying there is "No Gateway". Any idea what might be happening or what I should be doing? Any help is really appreciated.

My mail ID:

Thanks in advance
Not sure, Dhruva. My E61i has been similarly finicky with an ad hoc network -- I haven't been able to resolve it.
hey friends I have a BSNL wi-fi at my home and I bought Nokia E61i couple of days back only. I am not able to connect to internet through BSNL can anyone please help me to connect to BSL wi-fi through my E61i.
Thakns in advance