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If you have a Mac and aren’t on Leopard yet, do yourself a huge favour and upgrade. If you don’t have a Mac, do yourself a huge favour and get one.

Man, this has got to be the best OS upgrade ever.
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I found the cosmetic improvements alone to be significant enough to be very pleased with.

It's not been long enough to discuss stability, but I guess it's the typical .0 syndrome.
Havent had crash problems with Leopard, and in fact I am doing more intensive stuff on the book in the last 2 months than I have earlier.

And as Jace said, the cosmetic changes alone are worth it.

Just for the autorecognition of addresses as map addresses and the show on map service, and the multitabbed dictionary/thesaurus/wikipedia version of the dictionary i'd more than gladly change
My install experiences with Leopard have been bad. First, I had to re-install the OS once. And now, I am getting intermittent crashes on Even iTerm refuses to startup.
A reboot does seem to get things working. The past two days I have been seeing a new oddity, with the menubar drop down menu appearing in the middle of the screen. ah well! I guess I need to live with it. 10.4.11 killed my system.

I do not use the other cosmetic enhancements.

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Unfortunately it's going to be 10.4.6 for a while.

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Just out of curiosity -- what's broken for you?

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>>>If you don’t have a Mac, do yourself a huge favor and get one

This weekend I happened to walk in to an apple store in Forum Mall, Bangalore. When asked about the prices i got to know the high end Mac notebook cost about 80k. When I say high end I mean a 2.2 Ghz Processor with 1 Gb Ram and 160 Gb Hard Disk and a VGA camera built in. With the same 80k I can get the best off the shelf laptop that runs Windows Xp (Yes i know Vista sucks I love Xp).

But anyways I would still love to own a MAC some day, Give the current price I guess i can wait for some more time.
Repeat after me - Do not buy Apple products in India.
Any other reason apart from the price, I do understand the price difference is huge considering the US and Indian Market, But any other factor that makes you say that?

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9 years ago

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9 years ago

Can't agree more, though I have to say that I am total Mac noob. Was checking out the prices yesterday, between US and India, for the MB and MBP. The quotation I got for the MB was 63K INR, while the Apple website lists it for 1000 USD, which is a huge difference. Got my MBP for 93k INR, while the Apple website lists it for 1999 USD, which is a lesser difference.

On the whole, my experience has been nice, other than Firefox, which sucks now equally bad on both Windows and the Mac (uses up almost the same amount of memory and freezes up in the same manner; talk about being platform agnostic in terms of user experience suckage). More detailed version of that here:

That said, does Freemind freeze up on you, if you do use it all?
I use it a lot, but haven't banged it enough since upgrading. No crashes yet. I'm on FreeMind 0.8.0.
it just refuses to go beyond the splash screen for me, while Eclipse runs without cribbing, so it can't be a Java issue.
Figured what the problem was: OOME when there was about half a gig free. Dumped it and moved to the 0.9.0 beta 15. Runs like a charm now :-)

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Mine was meant to be an upgrade, except for a glitch: I had just installed a new 160GB HD (having first mounted as USB device, partitioned and cloned via SuperDuper), and Leopard refused to install on it because the partition table was not of GUID type (whatever that is). I had no option but to boot off the old HD (now in turn mounted over USB), rsync the day's changes, repartition the disk, and install Leopard on a clean disk.

Post installation, however, Leopard asked if I'd like to re-import settings from the attached volume and proceeded to restore my working environment exactly as it was before (except for minor changes around /etc in smb.conf and postfix/

Several sites around the web recommend turning off all InputManagers, APE haxies and SIMBL plugins before installation. APE in particular is incompatible with Leopard and known to be a leading cause of failed installs.
Good to hear that. I've ordered my copy few days ago - can't wait to upgrade. Also, 10.5.2 is on its way. That should iron out good number of bugs.

Few questions:
1. I guess installing new HDD for MacBook Pro requires you to remove the casing (unlike MacBooks) and that voids the warranty. Did you install the new HDD yourself or got it done by Apple?
2. Any specific reason you decided (initially) for 'Upgrade' rather than a clean install?
3. What application did you use to migrate the data from your clone? 'Migration Assistant' or is there something new in Leopard?
It requires removing the casing. The process requires some tugging and pulling in a manner that is very likely to void warranty -- the front of the case has no screws and is held in place with clips and some light glue. My laptop is a couple of months past warranty now. I did it myself.

I figured installation from scratch and restoration of my working environment would take far longer than I could effort, so planned an upgrade. Leopard's installer on first boot now asks if you'd like to restore settings from attached volumes or elsewhere. It handled everything and brought me back to the exact environment I had left with (but with the new OS interface).
OT: Noticed you'd visited. More updates to include photos on the Hindu tradition pages since your visit.
What cosmetic improvements are so important that made you want to upgrade? I have been looking at Leopard for a while now and none of the improvements really matter to me that much.

In fact, I would go as far as saying the backup utility isn't that useful either (TimeMachine) as I simply use a weekly backup using SuperDuper! which works amazingly well using the incremental backup option.

Now, getting a new Mac gets you iLife. That's a bargain.
Several. The Finder is finally usable, Stacks is great for the Downloads folder, Spaces is nice, X11 autolaunch is super, Spotlight actually works, Safari can search within the full text of its browsing history, Preview does the most common image touch-up functions I need, and that horrible brushed metal is fully gone.

There are more, but these are what come to mind immediately.
Been dipping into your journal off and on... and today, I saw that you're working on your diploma in Cultural Studies. And today is the day I had a class on Research Methods in Communication where the professor mentioned Cultural Studies atleast five times... and today's the day I tore my hair out after reading some of the articles in the prescribed textbook... an eventful day!